Educational Guidelines
◆Spirited ◆Exceptional ◆Outstanding
◆Dedicated ◆Competent ◆Professional
Educational Objectives
The educational objectives of Chien Kuo emphasize the importance of both technology and virtue, as well as the use of both the mind and the hands. The goal of the school is to foster high-level experts in technology who are well educated in theory, practice, and research. These experts will be sought after in the working world, and will become successful members of society.
The Five Guiding Educational Principles of Chien Kuo
The Virtue of Tradition: Practicing ongoing care and management.
The Wisdom of Learning: Benefi ting from lifelong study.
The Strength of a Positive Outlook: Engaging in self-improvement and love of others.
The Excellence of Teamwork: Producing research and innovation.
The Beauty of Dignity: Living a fulfi lling life.
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