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Introduction to the Library


The library of CTU is a very automated and digitalized library. Apart from printed books, periodicals, and video-audio materials, we have e-books, e-journals, and databases.

Organization and Personnel


The library is now divided into three sections: Acquisition and Cataloging section, Circulation and Service section, and Information Audio-Visual section. By now we have five librarians, one professional of section chief, three professors acting as library director or section chief, and some student workers.

Statistics of Library Holdings


Our library holding is increasing steadily. By now we have around 22,000 items: 178,287 Chinese books, 34,106 foreign-language books, 12,569 items of different kinds of non-book material, 17kinds of newspaper, 701 kinds of Chinese periodicals, and 190 kinds of foreign-language periodicals.

Electronic Resources


As far as databases are concerned, we have the following databases in Chinese: Chinese Classics full-text database, The Periodical Papers Index of the Republic of China, The Chinese Journal Network of Mainland China , Chinese Engineering Journals full-text database, and the Taiwanese Doctorial Dissertation full-text CD-ROMs. As for foreign-language databases, we have IEL, SDOS, EBSCOhost-ASP, Grolier Online, LINK, ProQuest ABI/INFORM Research edition, ProQuest Academic Research Library, JCR-Science edition, OCLC first search, and the STICNET of the National Science Council of R. O. C.. Besides, we participate in the TEBNET (Taiwan E-Book Net). In addition to the items we subscribed, we can read all the 61,642 items of e-books subscribed by all members in the Consortium.

Circulation Service


Our library presently opens 77 hours a week, with 6 hours on Saturdays and Sundays each to serve students in different divisions. All circulation services, such as due notice, renewed borrowing, preservation, etc., are processed by computer system. Our system will also issue such messages as ¡§Happy Birthday¡¨ and ¡§You have not borrowed books for quite a long time.¡¨ to all readers. We exchange library Cards with a nearby University of Education, such as National Changhua University of Education Library, the Library of Overseas Chinese Institute of Technology. We also participate the Interlibrary Cooperation Association for Colleges in Changhua, Yunlin, and Chiai Counties , which give all CTU members to borrow books in 15 libraries of this Association. In addition, we participate the Interlibrary Cooperation Association for Colleges in Taichung Counties, which give all CTU members to borrow books in 13 libraries of this Association.



CTU has a new library now, which occupies from the second basement floor to the sixth floor of a 14-floored huge building. In the future, the library of CTU will provide more diversified, convenient, comfortable, and automated services to all students, clerk members and faculty in our institute, as well as all members in our society.